Sometimes I go out with all my lady friends and at some point in the night after a few glasses of sparkling wine (my fave) I take a look around me and think "Holy moly, I am so lucky to be surrounded by all these super smart, talented, ambitious, and adventurous women."

Case #1 - Megan Campagnolo AKA Rosehound Apparel
A sweater with embroidered chips! Coming soon

Y'ever lie in bed for an epic TV watching marathon with a bag of chips only to stand up a few hours later and have crumbs all over your comfy house sweater? Well now you can take your lazy oaf look to the streets. Megan is launching her new line Rosehound Apparel tomorrow night at the Likely General here in Toronto (6-10, come by!), and we'll be carrying her stuff at Victoire pretty soon thereafter.

Case #2 - Char Da Silva AKA Charziie
Reg in a Charziie tee, $50 at all 3 locations

Not only does Char make all those awesome hand-painted hot dog, donut, and pizza slice tees that have been blowing up on your Instagram feed, she's also a co-owner of Milk Glass, a gallery on Dundas just around the corner from us at 129 Ossington. In addition to exciting art shows, Milk Glass also has lots of really fun dance party nights so you should definitely check it out if you're looking for something to do on a Friday night.

Case #3 - Julia Dickens AKA Artiste Extraordinaire
A self-portrait

Julia can do anything. She screen prints, she paints, she curates, she makes lots of show posters that you've probably seen around the city. Julia is going to work her aesthetic magic on our next window display at 129 Ossington.  She also has a little music blog that features playlists compiled by other women in the city. Check it out here.

Shout outs to all my other friends. You guys rule too.

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