Motto Mini, $155. Available at both Ottawa locations & online.

Victoire is dedicated to Canadian design as you all know, but there are some exceptions. One of the reasons for this is we love taking our ideas of sustainability and craftsmanship globally! Buying clothing made by artisans and craftspeople and creating proper jobs can change much more than the Canadian industry. Osei-Duro exemplifies this idea.
Graphis skirt, $149. Available at the West Welington location only.
Headed by Maryanne Mathias, a Vancouver-born designer, Osei-Duro creates their clothing in Ghana using traditional techniques of hand-dying and weaving. Each garment comes with the signature of the craftsperson (literally!) who made that piece.

Excero, $150

Maena, $139
Osei- Duro is available at both Ottawa shops and a couple of pieces are online.
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