I promised y'all yesterday that we would give you all some ideas on how to show your honey just how special they are to ya this Valentine's Day. We are allllll about special gifts chosen with care, not just dime-a-dozen "I bought this cos I had to" guilt-induced purchases. So here's our guide to gifts for the lovely lady in your life.

Salvage hearts & banner necklace, 55$ at the West Wellington shop & online

The In God We Trust "Sweet Nothing" necklaces are one of my favourite things to suggest as a gift - they're sweet without being corny, cute yet subtle enough to wear every day, and with sooooo many awesome engravings, you really can find something just perfect for your gal. Love your boo's badonka-donk? "Wonder buns". Have a shared love for junk food? "Cheeseburger baby". Did she just ace her French-proficiency test at her government job? "Je t'aime". (Ok this one is really specific, but that's what I'm talking about!! They can be just *that* personal.) For a full list of all the options, check 'em out on our webshop.
55$, available at both locations & online

Ok, now this is a GREAT idea in my books. We just got in these awesome chevron stacking rings from White Feather Designs. And the beauty is that they're only 10$ each! SO, here's my brilliant idea: at that price, you can totally afford to get one for each MONTH/YEAR/DECADE you two lovebirds have been together! Symbolism & a beautiful set of rings she'll actually wanna wear - boo-ya!!

10$ each, available at both locations

Now if you wanna just *hint* at some more traditional Valentine's Day imagery, cupid's arrow is the way to go. But forget the kinda creepy flying cherub. 

5$ each, available at the West Wellington location & online
Steel Magnolias Arrow necklace, 35$, West Wellington location only

February 11, 2014 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)