So the big Valentine's Day hoopla is this Friday, which I'm sure you already know - and not to totally poo-poo the whole thing, we WILL be posting some perfect Valentine's Day ideas for your lover to shower you with. But not right now. That's not what this post is about.

Cos truthfully, we're all kinda more stoked to celebrate Galentine's Day this Thursday with y'all. If you don't know about Galentine's Day, just watch this clip from Parks & Rec.

So - in honour of Galentine's Day, this Thursday at the West Wellington location from 4:00-8:00 p.m., we invite you to come shopping with your bestie, cos we are having 1 last blow-out sale that'll really make it worth it (50% off on ALL CLOTHING), we'll be playing an ALL-BEYONCE playlist ALL NIGHT, and we'll have milk & cake (from Auntie Loo's) and the cake will probably be decorated along a Beyonce theme too.

It'll be like Lilith Fair...but with alot more Beyonce. Actually, it's alot more like the Mrs. Carter Show, since all we're gonna be playing is Beyonce.

The other shops on the strip will be participating as well - Flock, Jasmine Virani's new shop (which just opened and is *so* beautiful) and Viens Avec Moi. You can expect deals & treats there too as you hop along the block with your gal posse.

So, to recap:
Bring your gal pals (no boys allowed!)
All Beyonce, all night
Cake cake cake


Doesn't this look like so much fun? These are the kinds of antics you can only get up to with your BFFs. So yes, hang out with your main squeeze on Friday, but Thursday, come hang with us and your BFF and do a bunch of funny things that only you & her really think is funny. (Thank you Julie & Meaghan for the pic!)
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