Alanna is one of our new hires here at Victoire. A long-time admirer of the shop, Alanna won our mixtape contest in 2012 with her “Post-Punk No Wave Freak-Out Chill-Out” mix (and still has the In God We Trust “Sweet Nothings” necklace she bought with her gift certificate prize)! You've seen her in the store and on our Instagram, now let's get to know her a bit better.
1. What is your zodiac sign?
My sun sign is Leo on the cusp of Virgo, my rising sign is Cancer and my moon sign is Taurus. Basically what that means is I am quite dramatic and stubborn, but also sensitive and organized. I take astrology very seriously!
2. If your look had a name, what would it be?
I would describe my look as “Girly Glamour Goth.” I love wearing baby pink, red, dark blue, white and, of course, black! I'm a sucker for anything that looks very feminine, but with an edgy twist. I also love anything with lace, velvet or leather.
3. What are excited for this summer?
I am super excited for two local music festivals – Ottawa Explosion in June and Arboretum Festival in August. Not only am I pumped to see some of my favourite Canadian bands like Old and Weird, Century Palm and Nap Eyes, but my band BB Cream will also be playing at both!
4. You are doing the slow, dramatic walk down the stairs in your prom dress in a teen movie. What song is playing?
Be My Baby” by the Ronnettes. I love the production on pop music from the 1960s – all the instruments sound so big and lush.
5. What's your favourite part about working at Victoire?
Everything! I love it all from helping customers find the perfect piece to even re-folding t-shirts. There is something quite soothing about it.


6. What Beyonce video most accurately embodies your true nature?

This is an extremely difficult question but I'm going to throw it back to the album B'Day and pick the video for “Freakum Dress.” Just like Bey sings, I love getting dressed up with my besties for no reason.

7. Tell us something you've picked up from your mom.

My mom took me to the library and garage sales a LOT as a child, so my love of reading and a good deal come directly from her.

8. Recommend something to me!

I am totally obsessed with podcasts and love listening to them on the bus ride to work. My favourite right now is Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People, which is hosted by the comedian Chris Gethard. It's very funny and very moving.

9. Last but not least, what are your favourite pieces at Victoire this season?

I love the Tyrant dress by Birds of North America, as well as the Cotton Candy dress by Eve Gravel. I also think that all of the new Lover's Tempo earrings are super pretty. They remind me of Betty Draper on Mad Men!

June 10, 2016 — Ainslie Lahey