Mariah is one of the most friendly gals we know and we are so lucky to have her on our team! If you haven't witnessed her charm in person when you're passing through the shops in Ottawa, get a taste of it here! She will surely brighten your day! 

What is your sign?

I fall on the last day of the capricorn. Does that mean something!?

What do you do at Victoire?

I’m a shopgal—you know the drill—I’m here to help you out, which usually entails zipping up dresses and grabbing different pieces to try on!

I love being involved in various aspects of the shop but my favourite part is seeing a familiar face stop in and gush over the clothes just as much as I do! I also have some mean windex game.

Which Beyonce video most accurately embodies your true nature?

I’ve thought long and hard about this one and I’m going to have to go with 7/11. It’s energetic and silly and who doesn’t love a good dance party? One of my oldest friends (hi Jill!) can attest to the fact that we would play dance dance revolution into the wee hours of the night. During one of these magical dance sessions a boy from school prank called and asked if we were dancing in our underwear haha…I think we were! Bey gets it.


Tell us something you’ve picked up from your mom.

My mom is a special lady, she’s a ‘yes’ person and is incredibly outgoing. I definitely consider myself a people person just like her! I’ve watched her time and again turn strangers into friends with her gentility and laugh. I’ve learned that it’s so important to be fearless with people and new experiences. 

Describe your perfect day off.

Like KD, i’ve always been a morning person, so my perfect day starts with a sunrise and a giant cup of hot chocolate. The breeze is coming in through the window and I’m putting on my sunscreen because i know i’m going to be outside all day. I’m going for a hike with some friends and we’ve packed our lunch and books! By the end of the hike we’re all so tired and sunburnt (i forgot to reapply) that a nap is in order. This nap brings us to wine and dinner (hopefully a second dinner too!) and hugs. Did i mention that there was also cheesecake and that the sunburn shortly turned into a tan?


You are doing the slow, dramatic walk down the stairs in your prom dress in a teen movie. What song is playing?

I just can’t get the movie ‘She’s All That’ out of my head! I’m Laney, my glasses are off, and ‘Kiss Me’ is playing. That’s just how it has to be!

Recommend something to me!

I’m an English major so I feel that it’s my duty to recommend a fine work of fiction. The Savage Detectives by Roberto Bolano is one of my favourites. Oh, and Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin—I read this last semester in one of my classes and I loved it!

June 20, 2016 — Ainslie Lahey