Well gals and guys, I think it's safe to say we've made it through another winter! It's time to shed the heavy layers - not that I don't love a good mismatch of heavy fabrics wrapped around me - and move on to lighter, flirtier colours and fabrics! Black and whites are still a modern classic for summer, but trying something a bit different and out of your cold weather comfort zone will ensure you get the most out of summer! 

We have tons of Birds of North America styles which are always a sure confidence booster with exceptional tailoring and ridiculously fun prints. Check out these adorable Wren shorts from Birds of North America in a fun floral print (available at the Wellington shop and online here!)
A few of my favorite make-up trends this year are going to be pops of color for lips or eyes - like a lavender or turquoise liner on your water line - and knockout highlighter placed on the high points of your sun seeking visage. 

More is more after all! So make sure to pair these cool trends with our hottest designer favourites like the Noémiah Catherine dress in soft linen and hand made fabric.
Also, we love jumpers so have a lot of fun patterns like the Darling Jaylee jumpsuit (Dalhousie, West Wellington and Toronto shops) in a fiery orange floral pattern. 
To get you in the spirit, here's a little video of one of my favourite guilty pleasures - makeup tutorials! Go on, give it a try!