L'Intervalle Victoire white Beetle boots

L'Intervalle is designed in Montreal, made in two tiny factories (one in Spain and one in Italy, each with its own specialization!), using leather or suede with the goal to be the "intervalle" between fast fashion low quality shoes and the $300 expensive market. We here say they have achieved said objective to great extend!

Pictured: Benjiro Sandals available at Wellington and online.

Victoire is the only shop outside of L'intervalle's shops on Montreal Island to be selling their incredible shoes. With most styles only being produced in about 50 units, and Victoire only having 4 or so, we are dead serious when we say: These are gonna sell fast!

We can't wait for you to fall in love with this brand as much as we have! My god the shoes are lovely, as lovely as the husband and wife duo behind the brand!

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