Yes indeedy there is a lot happening this week and upcoming weeks here at Victoire. And yes, some of it does involve disco. Firstly, we had a biiiittttt of a "DOY!" moment this past week when we found a couple boxes of REALLY AWESOME sale stock that we somehow missed when putting out stuff. But lucky for you it has now hit the floor at both shops so you should probably come take a peek!  Goodies like this Valerie Dumaine Flavie dress is only $148 from $205.

Also in shop news we will be heading to Toronto next week (eeeeeeee!!) so Dalhousie will be closed Monday the 20th until Wednesday 23rd. It will be business as usual starting on Thursday though! If you want your Victoire fix we are very happy to tell you that Ula will be working Tuesday and Wednesday at the Wellington location (Monday we are closed!).  

Now I am sure you are all wondering where disco fits into all this? Well since we already mentioned Ula working here next week we thought we should also mention next Thursday the 23rd her and her partner in crime will be spinning some sweet disco beats at Oz Cafe! So come grab a cocktail and dance the evening away. More information here.
January 17, 2014 — emily rose (
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