The wait is finally over! We just received some fresh new stock from Bohten and they are truly stunning. 

Bohten glasses are not only a fashion statement, but they are an environmental statement as well. They are made of reclaimed wood sourced from Africa, and acetate which is a sustainable material derived from wood pulp.

Not only do they utilize reclaimed and sustainable materials, but they are manufactured in a zero-waste facility, which means all resources are used to their full potential, leaving no environmental traces and damages from production. 

From left to right: "Barklae" Sunglasses in Dumu - $159. "Aristocratz S" Sunglases in Rosewood -$160. "Barklae" Sunglasses in Walnut - $159. These sunnies offer 100% UBA/UVB protection.

Using wood from discarded furniture made of Sapele, these glasses are also treated with a water resistant coating.
"Exstel" Glasses in Tortoise Acetate & Wood - $194.
"Hanson" Glasses in Black Acetate & Wood - $189. 

January 14, 2014 — Ainslie Lahey (