The cold that comes with winter is something we always see coming but still catches most of us off guard. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say I would rather hibernate at home (watching Seinfeld reruns, of course) than trudge through below zero temperatures on most days. We've got to do it anyway so here's an outfit that is awesome because it'll keep you warm and effortlessly chic when you have to leave that cozy nest called home.
Manhattan sweater by Ganni, on sale for $100 (from $125). Available at both locations. Romance button-up by Betina Lou, on sale for $104 (from $130.) Available at our Westboro location.
These two pieces layered together make such a great combo! The Betina Lou blouse is so well tailored and slimming on its own but would look sharp paired with a blazer or leather jacket. The Ganni sweater helps soften it to make a casual yet crisp outfit, wouldn't you say?

I just had to include this cowl by Westlake Designs. It brings the coziness level up 10 notches.

We've got an assortment of gorgeous wool cowls and scarves by Westlake Designs and Million Dollar Swim between both locations for $65.
January 05, 2014 — Shaya Ishaq (