Happy New Year Folks! We all made it through the Holiday's so lets pat eachother on the back. I personally treated myself to a special ring for Christmas but now it's time to re-vamp my wardrobe. You with me? New year, better you? Updated you? Who really cares, all I know is these goodies are still ON SALE and we should all be ON IT.
Look cute and stay cozy, Darling Jamie Jacket - Originally $139 and on Sale for $87
Stay Classy, Ottawa. Eve Gravel Leon Dress - Originally $176 on Sale for $123
The perfect black top! Darling Wednesday blouse - Originally $79 on Sale for $63
Just like the perfect black top or little black dress, now you have yourself the perfect black boot. Marais Ringo Boot $240 on Sale for $192.  
All these sweet deals can be found on our WEBSTORE too! So don't be shy to order things online!
January 03, 2014 — emily rose (noreply@blogger.com)