We love small business. We love the spirit of entrepreneurs. We love how they grow a community. We love how ideas & creativity are at its centre. We love being a part of it!

Victoire is entering its 12th year soon, and nothing has contributed more to our growth than being able to access the reflections, opinions and experiences of other business owners around us.  We are very lucky to have built a rolodex of intelligent business owners to call upon.  We are also often asked ourselves to weigh in on the situations and decisions facing those same business owners. It's an amazing circle of sharing that we appreciate so much. 

But like any great circle of sharing, sometimes you've got to open it up and see how it grows. Which is the catalyst of us forming, alongside Nadine & Heather of Wheelhouse and Anna of Shopify, The Guild! Our goal is to form a space in which business owners can share, learn, and expand their business goals in an effort to elevate us all to the next level. 

So far, we've hosted three events in the last 6 months. These events have been very meaningful to those in attendance and we are very proud of the tone & intimacy in the space we have created in these events. It's truly inspiring to hear your thoughts echoed by others around you and being in a sharing space where your challenges do not shake your accomplishments. For entrepreneurs, The Guild is an evening where we actually have co-workers to chat at the water cooler with about work!

The Guild Ottawa Victoire Wheelhouse Shopify small business Ottawa entrepreneurship

Since we are coming on to the end of the year, it feels good to reflect on meaningful accomplishments made in 2017. Creating The Guild and supporting others to reach their full potential in their small business feels amazing. We have been so lucky to create a place in Victoire that so fully reflects our ideas, ethics and aesthetics. Now we want to help diversify the landscape of small business and help alleviate the confines to their growth!

Wanna attend the next event? Follow The Guild and let us know if your business could benefit from a certain topic being covered!

Here's to more passion, more mutual support, more small businesses in 2018!


Regine & Katie

11 décembre, 2017 — Ainslie Lahey