Victoire t’aime !

Shop Local on Black Friday!

Black Friday is normally a crazy, overwhelming day for both shoppers and retail workers but we're making it easy for you to shop local and avoid the mall and the lines this year!

Running a retail business while being pretty grossed out/terrified by a lot of the mindless consumerism taking over our world is well, um interesting! We are so proud of our talented designers who make their products with the purpose to infuse your life with something pretty, something unique and something meaningful. We are reflecting on that especially today!

Here's what we're doing to counteract some of the ickyness of Black Friday:

- All our staff are getting treated to a morning off and a manicure! Regine and Katie will be holding down the fort Friday am!

- We'll be donating 5% of all sales on Black Friday to OCISO (Ottawa Community Immigrant Services Organization) to support new Canadians this holiday season. Nothing better than buying Canadian Designers in support of NEW Canadians!

- Our discounts are still going strong in-store & online, so no reason not to treat yourself :

  • 30% off when you buy 3 or more clothing items or shoes (use code "GIMMETHREE" online)
  • 20% off when you buy 2 clothing items or shoes (use code "GIMMETWO" online)
  • 10% off when you buy 1 clothing item/shoes (use code "GIMMEONE" online

Don't get stressed out about fights breaking out in the aisle and make Black Friday mean a little more than just deals on TVs and poorly made, mass produced clothing.

Relax at home on your computer or come into the shop where the only shouting you'll hear are compliments from the supportive women telling you how good that dress looks on you!

See you on the 25th! 


Pictured: Valerie Dumaine Majken Dress Betina Lou Lio Jumpers, Viviane Turtlenecks. Bottom: Birds of North America Forktail Skirts and Munia Tops

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