We can't get enough of vintage-inspired pieces, especially those that take influence from the late '90s and early '00s. Here are some of our favourite boutique Canadian designers bringing the Y2K flavour!

#1. Eliza Faulkner

Made in Montreal, Eliza Faulkner's pieces bring the late '90s style. We love her rave-inspired mesh tops, as well as her voluminous fleece and denim pieces that nod to JNCO Jeans.

#2. Eugenia Chan

Eugenia Chan is a Toronto-based jewelry designer who we adore for her acetate claw clips! Available in every pattern under the sun, these Y2K hair accessories will step up your clip game.

#3. A Bronze Age

Based in Vancouver, we love the early '00s influence in A Bronze Age's clothing. Whether it's their slip dresses, flare pants or scrunchie purses, this Canadian boutique fashion designer brings the fun.

#4. CoutuKitsch

Nothing is more Y2K than a little gold chain, hoop earring and claw clip combo! Based in Calgary, CoutuKitsch is a Canadian accessory brand brings all of the above at an affordable price.

#5. Shelter

Made in Vancouver, Shelter's pieces are well-thought out and well-made. We love their Brewers Pants, which come in many colours and wouldn't look out of place in a Y2K music video.

#6. True Middle

True Middle is a Toronto-based LGBTQ+ owned brand that makes pearl and bead necklaces. We love the vintage inspiration and 2000s vibes from their pieces!

#7. Odeyalo 

Montreal slow fashion designer Odeyalo is perfectly attuned to the Y2K trend. We love the bright colours of their basics like the Brook Tee and the Tincset Top.

#8. Zenny Jane

Handmade in Toronto, Zenny Jane is a woman-owned jewelry brand that makes vintage-inspired pieces for now. We love how her pieces feel like grown-up friendship bracelets!

31 octobre, 2022 — Regine Paquette