Victoire t’aime !

Need a gift for your Galentine, Palentine or Valentine?

Valentine's Day tends to be a time celebrating all of that lovey dovey stuff, but you can also celebrate your friendships, your girlfriends, and your own self love. 

We've got some V-Day inspiration for you to treat yourself and your loved one(s)!

Obviously, the new Spiltmilk Solange tee made our list. We would definitely love to receive that as a gift and also give it to one of our best pals because, well, pretty self explanatory!! And we didn't forget about Bey! Get one for you and your BFF and strengthen that bond. 

SpiltMilk Solange/Frida Kahlo Tee and Beyonce Lemonade Tee

Another item we love is the Nepheliad Babe ring. Simple, sassy, and cute this is a way to never forget the babe you are. Gift it to yourself or for a bestie that needs a little extra confidence.

If you're a lingerie lover, this next item be a great gift to get for yourself, or hint at your S/O to get for you. 

We're so in love with Bully Boy Lingerie's sultry line of intimates. From the vintage cuts to the sassy see through mesh, they make pieces that will definitely show off your best assets.


Pictured: The Zula Bodysuit and the Vivienne Set.

Both of these are made to order, but trust us - they are worth the wait! Just give your partner a little I.O.U and you'll get your steamy set in a couple of weeks. 

We've also got some cute and clever pins from Points and Places, Kodiak Milly and Alicia Davidson that we think are definitely suitable for this time of year. Just a little token of appreciation from one pal to another.


Maple Cookie pin from Points and Places (interpret this how you will ;)) 

Points and Places No Chill pin - because sometimes it's okay not to be chill about stuff. 

Alisha Davidson The Lovers pin. So romantic!!

Kodiak Milly No Scrubs pin - because you need to tell 'em off!!! And sometimes it's nicer to not have to waste your breath. Just point to this little pin and they'll get the message.


We hope you make sure to treat yourself to some time alone too. Pamper yourself for a day this week with a nice face mask in the bath or get your nails done! Remember to put yourself first sometimes because you're the most important person in your life!

Love each and every one of you!




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