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Multiple Tiers of Sustainability 

Conscientious shopping means more value, more beauty and more Canadian!

As Fashion Revolution week has come to an end, we want to expand the lense from examining "who made our clothing" to include a look at the fabrics used in the making of our pieces.  

Victoire is excited to be bringing in more and more (and more and more!) eco-fabrics for multiple reasons that we know are important among so many of us beyond sustainability: it's durable (due to being less processed than synthetic fabrics), often machine washable (which again limits water/chemicals needed in its life span), amazing for skin sensitivities and allergies (again due to less processing and chemical use) and of course: it's beautiful!

There are so many examples in the shop to highlight but here are a few:  Meemoza's GOTS certified fabrics, Valerie Dumaine's use of new eco fabrics like Cupro and Lyocell, Amanda Moss' commitment to using Tencel, and linen , Birds of North America's bamboo cottons in her wrap tops and dresses, Dagg & Stacey using Oeko-Tex standard 100 brushed cotton in their Finch jumpsuits, Sunja Link's use of unbleached cottons and minimal processed linenSundara Mar and Foe & Dear's use of cellulose acetate made of 100% renewable cotton and wood pulp. 

Choosing Canadian made is a very important sustainable based decision and it's so much fun to have that amplified through the sustainability of the fabric used. Isn't it great when fashion combines our ideas of ethics, ideas and beauty?!!

Katie & Regine


Valerie Dumaine's Design and Compassion

Each season, Valerie Dumaine releases a style that she donates a percentage of sales from to an ecological organization. Proceeds from the sale of her Nia Dress in the patterned fabric go to Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary, a non-profit organization located in Saint Pascal Baylon, Ontario. Its mission is to provide shelter for horses and farm animals that may end up in slaughterhouses as well as those who have been abused and neglected. Penny Lane puts forward, through various educational programs, compassion for all animals. For more information: Penny Lane Farm Sanctuary


Meemoza's Sustainability Promise

Since Meemoza first launched in 2011, designer Emilie Rioux's mission has been to create clothing using sustainable, high quality fabrics. Throughout her collections you'll find Tencel and Modal fabrics which are made from beech trees grown in certified sustainable forests. Their integrated production process reuses its own water and generates its own electricity. It also involves limited transportation and chlorine-free wood processing. All of their cottons are GOTS certified organic cotton which ensures that strict environmental criteria are respected when it comes to the use of chemical products and the responsible consumption of water through the manufacturing of materials. It also implies that the companies who manufacture or transform the cotton comply with the labour standards of the International Labour Organisation.

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