One of the things we hear about online shopping is how hard it can be to find the right fit. While many of our designers offer size charts to help guide you, we thought we'd take the time to give you a little lesson so you can feel confident in selecting your size! 

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First up let's talk about grading! "Grading" is the difference in measurement between sizes in clothing. For example, a size 6 and a size 8 might have 1" of difference between them, a size 8 and a size 10 of that same brand would likely also have a difference of 1". Another brand's size chart might indicate that the grade between a size 12 and size 14 has 2" of difference between them. Just about all of the designers we carry provide a chart with the grades between their Bust, Waist and Hip measurements to help you figure out how their pieces fit. You can be a size Small in one designer, and then a size 8 in another, a size 12 in another, etc. That's because each designer uses a different measurement for their grading. You have to remember you're not the same size everywhere you shop and that the "tag" size is basically irrelevant when it comes to fit

How to measure yourself

For measuring the bust, you need to measure the fullest part of your bust. This is where the bust darts on the garment should line up. Don't pull the measuring tape as tight as possible, you need room for a bit of ease - when you breathe and move, the fabric should be able to move with you and not pull! Make sure you are in your regular posture, and that you're either wearing the bra you'd want to wear with most clothing, or no bra at all to get an accurate measurement. 

For the waist, you will measure the narrow part of your waist, which is usually about 1" above your navel. Again, be in your regular posture, breathe out and make sure you are not cinching the measuring tape as tight as possible, you want the item to feel comfortable at your waist!

The hip measurement is measured at the widest part of your hips, usually about 8" down from your waist (this is also usually where a pocket ends!). Again you want the measuring tape to have a touch of slack, not to be too tight. The garment will fit you best when you're sitting, bending, squatting, walking if it has about a 1/2" of breathing room or a finger can pass underneath the tape. For example, I may have a 37" hip at the tightest point of the measuring tape, but I know I won't be comfortable sitting down or moving around in something that measures 37" - I'll look and feel better in the garment with a 38" circumference. 

When you should size up or down

Sometimes we leave notes on certain styles when we get specific info about an individual piece from the designer. This occurs when the size chart they normally use slightly differs from the actual garment due to any variable - stretch factor or weave of the fabric, the way it's sewn together, or if something happened in the grading and when it arrived to production, everything ended up 1/2 a size smaller or bigger than it was supposed to! It happens. We do our best to notify you when it is recommended to size either up or down, or if we experience it when trying or owning the garment ourselves. 

If you're ever unsure of what to do, or you see there is no size chart indicated, please don't hesitate to email us and ask for guidance. At Victoire, our team is made up of all different body types! If you aren't sure how a garment will fit across your chest, or if a jumpsuit will be too short in the torso, please send us a message via email, Instagram, even Facebook, and we will take the time to have one (or two or three!) of us try on the garment, describe the fit, and/or measure it specifically in the areas of concern for you! We want to offer an experience as close to our in-store experience as possible and nothing makes us happier than helping you choose a Canadian design to wear.

We hope this has been an informative and helpful guide for you, and that perhaps, if you haven't already, you'll feel more confident when making your online purchase with us in the future! 

Katie & Regine 
21 juillet, 2019 — Ainslie Lahey