Loud, confident, hopeful: In dress and in opinions

This election year, consider wearing Canadian at the polls! 

For many of us this is a pivotal time to get our national house in order. Whether you're someone who naturally stirs the pot in a group or someone who needs a soft entry, don't forget our clothing is political:
-Buying Canadian design is supporting our arts and small business communities
-Buying pieces made by women supports women
-Buying pieces manufactured in Canada is an environmental sustainability in practice.
-Buying from local businesses keeps your dollars flowing within your communities
-Valuing Canadian and independent makers puts money in the hands of like-minded people, so your dollars can truly reflect your ethics and your politics when you know who and what those dollars are being put to use for! 

Truly a wardrobe to reflect your ethics, your ideas and your beauty,
Regine & Katie

31 octobre, 2019 — Ainslie Lahey