You've been through thick and thin together. This holiday, it's time to show your bestie some love! 

#1. Really, Man? Benes Envy Tee ($30)

Elaine Benes is the quintessential TV BFF! Channel her brazen 'tude with Really, Man's Benes Envy Tee.

#2. CoutuKitsch Charms ($20-$30) 

Whether you rock them on a simple chain or bracelet, CoutuKitsch's Charms are a sweet way for your BFF to customize their look. Buy matching charms for both of you to have identical jewels!

#3. Heirloom Hats Clueless Headband ($54)

As if! Conjure Cher and Dion in Heirloom Hats' Clueless Headband, pink for you and red your bestie. 

#4. Oneiro Besties Necklace ($89)

Oneiro's Besties Necklace is a nostalgic style made luxe with a shiny gold-plated chain. Keep one half for you and give the other one away.

#5. Sainte-Cecile Double Trouble Tee ($39) 

Let everyone know what they're dealing with by rocking Sainte-Cecile's Double Trouble Tee.  

#6. Really, Man? Romy and Michelle Tote Bag ($15)

Heading back to your high school reunion? Bring the IDGAF vibes of Romy and Michelle with Really, Man's Tote Bag

#7. Amy of Suburbia by Alanna Why ($20) 

Set in 2007, Amy of Suburbia is a nostalgic novella about friendship and identity formation told through '00s pop punk. Yes, there is a scene where the BFFs go on MSN during a sleepover!

#8. Sama Rakk Earrings ($45) 

Founded by two sisters (and friends!), Sama Rakk's Earrings are bright, bold and colourful. 

#9. By Winifred Beaded Bags ($140-$190) 

By Winifred's Beaded Bags are like the craft projects we made at sleepaway camp, only ten times better! Show your bestie some love with a handmade bag.

#10. The Vintage Royalty Earrings ($65)

The Vintage Royalty's Meena credits her childhood in Girl Scouts with giving her the confidence to start her own business! Bring the girl power energy with her unique statement earrings

#11. Super Sensitive Mocha Tears Tees ($35)

No one lends their shoulder (or ears!) better than your BFF. Never be afraid of letting your emotions out in Super Sensitive's Mocha Tears Tee.

#12. Frnge Huggie Hoops ($70) 

Your bestie is your moon and your stars. Frnge's Huggie Hoops feature these cute charms, perfect for reminding both of you of your friendship. 

23 novembre, 2022 — Regine Paquette