Although you probably tell them all the time, the holidays are a great time to show your bestie your love with a present or two! Here are 15+ ideas to show your BFF how much you treasure their friendship. 
#1. Nepheliad Hoops, Necklaces and Bracelet: Nepheliad's simple jewelry is anything but basic! Made out of sterling silver and gold fill, their simple hoops, dreamcatcher hoops and mushroom hoops are longtime bestsellers all under $80.
#2. Alisha Davidson Wild Womxn 2022 Calendar: Does your bestie never know what day it is? Remind them that time is real with this whimsical illustrated calendar for $28. 
#3. Sunday Skies CandlesHand-poured in Ottawa, these soy wax candles come in hearts, shells, daisies and even lamps! At only $21 a pop, you can grab one for every member of your squad.
#4. Bilak Jewelry: Made in Montreal, Bilak's silver jewelry features hand-carved charms of flowers, fruit and even mushrooms! Ranging from $40-$80, these Y2K-inspired pieces will transport both of you back to middle school in the best way.
#5. Province Apothecary Skincare: Is your bestie obsessed with skincare? Gift them a luxurious moisturizer, serum, facial brush or jade roller, ranging from $20-$75.
#6. Toni Darling Frank Handmade Ceramics: Handmade in Toronto, Toni Darling Frank's Handmade Ceramics include daisy candle holders, mini plates and even wacky vases, all under $55.
#7. Nic Nac Bold Acrylic Jewelry: Does your BFF love a statement earring? The handmade acrylic earrings from Toronto's Nic Nac are bold and bright, ranging from $75-$115.
#8. Eugenia Chan and CoutuKitsch Hair Clips: Everyone needs a claw clip! The 90s are back with the hottest 2021 trend that you and your bestie will probably remember from the first time it was in fashion! CoutuKitsch's clips range from $20-25, while Eugenia Chan's range from $15-$40. Grab one for each of you and match!
#9. Zenny Jane Jewelry: Handmade in Toronto, Zenny Jane's pearl and glass bead jewelry is an elevated take on a classic girlhood sleepover activity. From necklaces to bracelets, all their pieces are under $85.
#10. Le Bon Shoppe Socks and Tees: Is your BFF always cold? Grab her a pair or two of Le Bon Shoppe's fashion socks, or an easy breezy tee to layer under sweaters. 
#11. The Vintage Royalty Earrings: Time to turn heads! If you want your bestie to attract a little more *attention*, why not gift them a pair of handmade bold statement earrings?! Made in Chicago, every pair is $62.
#12. Little Gold Minimalist Jewelry: If your BFF is more on the minimalist side, Little Gold makes the most feminine and dainty gold jewelry, with many featuring different crystals and stones. Ranging from $50-$150, there's something for everyone.
#13. Mood & Mantle Quilted Pouches: Are your friends with someone who can never find anything in their purse or pockets? Gift them a Mood & Mantle quilted pouch, a handmade one-stop place to pop their keys, lipstick, wallet and mask for only $55.
#14. True Middle Hand Beaded Jewelry: Ranging from $45-$110, these hand beaded necklaces will remind you a homemade friendship necklace from the early 2000s!
#15. Oneiro Bestie Necklaces: And of course, BFF necklaces are a classic for a reason. Give your bestie one half of your heart to wear at all times for only $89.
02 décembre, 2021 — Regine Paquette