Victoire t’aime !

Farewell to North Dalhousie

Ten years ago, in May of 2006, we used our very, very humble savings to open a little shop for our big dreams. We knew that there were women in our city looking for a new way to shop. A boutique with none of the boutique cliquey-ness, a space for beautifully-made things and a shopping experience that was more summer-camp-friendly with a dose of self-love and body positivity. Add in a whole lot of sweat, tears and Oprah, and a business was born.

Since then there have been two more shops, two weddings and two babies. Needless to say a lot has changed for us personally! But there have also been a lot of changes in the shopping habits of our customers. That group of women who were committed to shopping with their hearts and minds has grown (thank the gods it has grown!), but their lives have also evolved. Big exciting jobs, cross-city moves, leisure time evolving to caregiving for others, Netflix & chill….all things that effect how you want to shop. As a business we want to evolve and stay connected to the changing habits of our customers (and truthfully they are our changing habits as well!).

Using that same energy, enthusiasm and our customers' needs in mind, we are committing Victoire’s growth to our online shop and to our two other locations to best respond to being that fun-loving boutique selling the pieces deserving of your hard-earned money. Our boutiques on West Wellington and Ossington in Toronto will continue to house the very loveliest of Canadian Design. Our resources being what they are, growth in new ways means leaving behind old stomping grounds: we will be closing the Dalhousie shop on January 30th, 2017.

The Dalhousie shop will be bursting with holiday cheer for all of December and come January we have some fun ideas that you won’t want to miss! Our sentimental hearts are bursting, but our greater desire to continue to see our business evolve makes this decision right. But there is absolutely no reason to go missing us:

We offer free shipping over $100, free local pick-up at the GOODS shop on Dalhousie and the beautiful West Wellington shop is but 10 minutes away, giving you many options to continue looking fabulous and supporting Canadian designers at Victoire.

Our last Holiday Shopping Party on North Dalhousie will be this Thursday alongside our lovely neighbours who make North Dal so special. With drinks, discounts on all your purchases and lots of pretty things to take home for yourself and others, come out to celebrate with us one last time in our Dalhousie space!

North Dalhousie Holiday Shopping Night 
209 Dalhousie, 4:00-8:00 pm.

Katie and Regine

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