Victoire t’aime !

Autumn is a Snappy Dresser


Pause for Autumn's Harvest

Crisp air,
Tree's with big colour,
Morning darkness lingering,
Clothing in autumnal tones to match the colours of our days.

In the words of Charlotte Mendelson:

Autumn is a snappy dresser; those flowers that remain, tangerine-orange calendulas, vein-dark dahlias, the lipstick sting of pineapple sage, pop spectacularly against a bright blue sky. And, at night, the cloudy puffs of breath and the mulchy stink of soggy leaves remind us that the garden is ours again. 

Pour a cup of chai tea and take a moment to appreciate the beauty Autumn has to offer, both sartorially and in the details of our natural world.

Katie and Regine

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