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New to the Shop: Alynne Lavigne Jewelry!

Victoire currently has under its roofs close to a 100 designers. Most of them women, most of them "accidental entrepreneurs", most of them balancing their amazing creative talent with the hard hard work of sustaining a ethical based business. And the part we are the most proud of: most of them have been working with Victoire for many many many years!  The longevity of our relationships and their depths insure we can offer you each the highest customer experience (and all the pretty new things the designers make!). And isn't it common knowledge, old friends are the best? 

Being a hub of Canadian design is our raison d'être and it is always with great pride that we get to introduce a new designer, soon to be old friend!  This weeks webstore update features Toronto jewelry Alynne Lavigne.  Get ready to be building your whole outfit around this jewelry!


And just think, 10 years from now we will be talking about "our first Alynne Lavigne piece" just like we currently marvel at the first Eve Gravel, Valerie Dumaine or Birds of North America piece.

Pictured from top: 

Large Eye Earrings

Fan Earrings

Delta Triangle Studs

Industrial Bracelet


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