Okay, so, generally bodysuits have always been exclusive to dancers for them to prance around in, but these days bodysuits are EVERYWHERE! And I don't just mean on Beyonce and Lady Gaga. In fact, bodysuits have become a comfortable and chic solution to pair with all sorts of high waisted bottoms. For example, when you're wearing a tight pencil skirt, and you want to tuck your blouse into it, isn't it annoying to get it to lay flat? For some reason it just always wants to bunch up in some weird awkward way that just ain't cool. So now, we bring in the bodysuit, which is much easier to handle. You can tuck it in to high waisted pants, skirts, shorts, totally seamlessly. In fact there really isn't much tucking to be done. Just throw it on, zip up and go!

Ganni Bodysuit - $115

We've just received this gorgeous number by Ganni, and the geniuses that are behind this label thought of us ladies! Not only is the silhouette beautifully draped, giving the illusion of being a tucked in blouse, but it is fully equipped with snaps at the crotch for those emergency pee breaks! Score!It comes in two colours; this beautiful deep green - that this picture just does not do justice to - and neutral black.

Ganni Bodysuit - $115; Birds of North America Stilt Pant - $149; Marais Ringo Boot - $250
Here I've paired it with our Birds of North America high waisted trouser. The colour matched it beautifully and because the waist of the pant has that classic fit, it was the perfect pairing.

Ganni Bodysuit - $115; Betina Lou Michelle Skirt - $130; Marais USA Wedge - $179

 I also tried it out with this sweet little Betina Loo number. The skirt fits high up on the waist, so again this bodysuit worked perfectly underneath. The drape adds a nice touch of elegance to an otherwise casual look, and paired with the raspberry pumps, the colours just jive! 

A great blazer style jacket would also look fantastic over top of this Ganni piece..like say, our Valerie Dumaine leather jacket..?
Come see for yourself and give it a whirl!

25 octobre, 2013 — Ainslie Lahey (noreply@blogger.com)