When people come into the shop with all their 'fashion rules' in their head about what they can or cannot wear, I always tell them to try the items on anyways. Just for fun. Just to see themselves in a new way. And most of all so that they can erode their rules and have fun with their style.  Seeing your body in new silhouettes is intimidating at first.  But your style is ever evolving and rules only take the fun out of it!
Today I learnt to follow my own wise wise wise words. If you had told me 2years ago, 2months ago, heck 2 hours ago that I would be wearing a mini skirt and a crop top, I would have told you HELL to the NO!  I would look like a total couch potato in that outfit. Well guys what guys?  I tried on a mini skirt and crop top and feel totally cute!!  I love this outfit. 

I never would have guessed that a XL mini skirt and a size L crop top would be flattering together on me. Thanks fashion for making a liar out of me!

Valerie Dumaine Greenland crop, $160 only at West
Betina Lou Michelle skirt, $130 at both shops
13 septembre, 2013 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)