We were just in Montreal earlier this week buying for Spring/Summer 2014, and we brought along a very special fashion consultant on all our buying appointments - Eloise! Eloise knows that momma & Reggie work together at the store (and work ALOT!), so it was kindof a special treat for her to come along to Montreal with us, just her, mamma and Reggie on our "work trip".

All of our designers were soooo nice and understanding (it's not exactly typical to have a 3 year-old around at these appointments), and it's these kinds of flexible scenarios that make working with our designers so awesome and allows us to have a pretty packed but still balanced work life.

Here are a few things we learned that made our buying trip with Eloise pretty smooth sailing.

1) Plan enough time for leisurely meal breaks, in parks, bonus points if said park has a splash pad
At Le Pick-Up on the left, a new fave sandwich spot which just so happens to be SO close to Hayley of Birds of North America's studio; sweet relief from the muggy weather at the splash pad

2) I cannot overstate this. Breaks. In parks. Are a MUST.

3) When meeting big-shot Canadian designers, even 3 year-olds must bring their A-game style-wise.
On the left, Lolo showing off her "tattoo", and on the right wearing our fave Canadian children's designer Supayana

4) Chabanel Street has some weird shit. And it is fascinating!

5) There's always time for a cuddle.

6) But sometimes you just have to go nuts, run around and wear the samples as a cape

7) Make sure to reward all your patience and hard work with some good ol' hotel-jumping-on-the-bed at the end of the day.
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