Seven years ago EVERYBODY thought it was a bad idea for us to open Victoire. We didn't have very much money, we were young and we wanted to open it with our best friend. Our friends got on board pretty quickly (though I think even they thought we were being pretty reckless), it took years for our parents to accept that this was an okay idea (maybe now they can say a good idea, MAYBE!). But you guys, Ottawa fashion lovers, believed in us!

Right from the start we had customers reacting in such a positive way that it motivated us to grow, and grow and keep growing! You guys have been supportive of our cooky ideas, our weirdo window displays, our learning curves and our "I'm not sure, but I can find out for you!".  We are a little business who makes it through the hardship that is the Independent Boutique World because you choose to spend your money at Victoire. THANK YOU! One million times, THANK YOU!!!

Our biggest realization this year,  which has definitely come with the maturity of 7 years, is that we can't be everything to everybody. We can only be ourselves! We are never gonna be the biggest, never be the shop that does everything, but we promise to always be us. We'll always work our hardest to have you feeling good about yourself, your body, your city and how you are spending your hard earned money.

We dream to be the Mom-and-Pop hardware store of the boutique landscape: always ready to help, share a laugh and sell you something that you will love for a long time and that'll become the vintage of tomorrow.

In closing, merci on vous aime!

Katie & Regine

13 août, 2013 — Victoire (