Some days it feels like we have way too much on our plates and other days it feels like we are a well oiled machine going full speed ahead. One thing's for sure, the days are never boring at Victoire! The biggest thing is that the sale is in full swing and you guys are taking full advantage by buying in bulk. Love seeing your smiling faces at the deals you're getting. We do sales so rarely that it makes it extra special when we do!

We've been working hard to update our web stuff and it is slowly rolling out. Our webstore is being updated with lots of new stuff (which is all on sale too!!). Steel Magnolias also has some new things up on Etsy and we are even gonna start selling in more shops which feels great. We also have so many awesome new Steel Magnolia designs in both Victoire.

We are also deep into party planning. Can you even believe that Victoire is 7 years old?!?!? We are so honoured that you all have supported us for so long. I never thought in 2006 opening the tiny shop on Dalhousie that we would one day be here. I can't even imagine how we will grow in the next 7years. We are having the party over at Idea Space with the people from Media Style. Boy do we love them...

We are also busy with tons of community partnerships! We are working with Town and Ross Proulx to raise money for Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls (more on that very soon!) and with Arboretum around the corner we've got some little surprises with N-Product and Drew Mosley.  We are also laying some ground work for our Support Local Month events. Not gonna tell you much but get ready for some artist collaborations, pop-up restaurants, bike parades, and some more little surprises.

Working really hard also makes for the PERFECT excuse to indulge and party! This week we all got into a big white limo and took a tour around town while sipping lady drinks. Then we felt toast-y and rode a bull in was a real slice of life!

19 juillet, 2013 — Victoire (