Victoire t’aime !

Big Sweaters, Mini Minis.

Sweater weather is upon us, and that means chunky, oversized knits are the best thing since sliced bread!! I'm loving the raspberry Valerie Dumaine Clove sweater. It is sooo cozy and soft. It's made of virgin wool but it has a really nice jersey lining so you don't itch! The thick wool creates this nubby texture which is awesome for layering/mixing with different patterns! I love how it looks with the Eve Gravel Sid skirt and Alchemist of Seeds rope/porcelain necklace. 
Valerie Dumaine Clove Sweater - $169 available at all 3 locations ; Eve Gravel Sid Skirt - $126 - available at all 3 locations ; Valerie Dumaine Finn Coat - $275 - available at Dal and West.
The Sid skirt is a nice stretchy mini with a neat irregular stripe running through it. It reminds me of some sort of computer glitch since it's so choppy. It's kind of a cool, modern twist on traditional stripes since stripes are around in so many collections - this really shakes it up.

Alchemist of Seeds - Porcelain and hand dyed cotton rope necklace - $74 - Available at West.
Cozy layering! 
We are also totally swooning over the Eve Gravel Run Run tunic. Soft and cozy and great paired over fitted skirts, leggings, jeans, whatever! It comes in a pretty blue with dainty little white dots, almost like snow flakes! (I'm glad we aren't actually getting REAL snowflakes yet, but wearing them on sweaters is fine by me!)

Eve Gravel Run Run Tunic - $138 - available at all 3 shops ; Eve Gravel Sid Skirt - $134 - available at Dal and Toronto.
She also did a super cute mini in another computer-ish inspired print. This window pane grid fabric adds another neat texture that's fun to mix up with different prints and fabrics. The knitted snowflake sweater just pairs so nicely with it!

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