Victoire t’aime !

Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Mo

The Birds of North America launch continues, and guys, it's really hard to make a decision!!! There are just WAY too many pretty dresses. I mean coooome on Hayley, didja have to make it that difficult for us?? Well, I tried on a bundle of dresses today and here's what I've come down to: I want them ALL. 
The Xenops dress in two new colour patterns! $189 - Wellington only! Melting Plastic Pennant - $21 - Goods section at Wellington.
I mean, how could anyone pick between these two? I asbolutely love the vibrancy of the red and blue - so fun for formal occasions! Wedding? Check. Holiday parties? (because those are gonna sneak up fast!) Check. The black and taupe version is a bit more subdued, making it great for the office or even a dinner date! It still has the same eye catching geometric look, but comes off a lot softer. Amazing how colour pairings can completely change the look of the exact same dress!

Mourner Dress - $186 - Wellington ONLY. 
Ugh, this dress just kills me - like, picking it out I thought, this will be fun to try! And it was just a little bit too fun, and now I'm trying to figure out if I can just not pay my student loan next month? Or my credit card bill...or my phone bill? #priorities. *sigh*
yeah...*siiiigh* gonna go read Nancy Drew to distract myself from pining over this pretty little thing.
Hurry in to our Wellington shop tomorrow! We've still got a good amount of sizes left in most styles, including some 14s and 16s! But you're gonna have to act fast to snatch these babies up before someone else does! 

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