We are deeply proud of our designers' commitment to manufacturing clothing in a fair and safe way for both workers and the environment. We are forever grateful for our customers who are willing and able to combine their ethics and aesthetics to support this alternative fashion community, even when being bombarded with ads for fast-fashion.

Fashion Revolution Week, a global campaign started after the Bangladesh factory fires at Rana Plaza, has simple ways for all of us to participate in spreading good fashion habits:
  • Look at the labels on the clothes you're wearing. Do you wonder #WhoMadeMyClothes? Ask the company and see what they answer. Encourage those around you to do the same.
  • Talk about clothing that you have been wearing for years and continue to love as much today as you did on day one, whether on social media or IRL. 
  • Play with what's already in your wardrobe! Think about how you can restyle older pieces. Buy consciously thinking of how pieces you need can compliment what you already have, prioritizing longevity.

#whomademyclothes  Fashion Revolution

There are many other discussions and events about the Fashion Revolution taking place across the country. On Thursday, May 3rd in Ottawa, we will be hosting a discussion with Amanda Moss about her former life as a designer working in fast-fashion and her current commitments to changing the fashion landscape. Can't make it in person? The event will also be broadcast live on Instagram. More details to come!
April 23, 2018 — Ainslie Lahey