It's always hard to reflect on what happened over the year when your mind is racing ahead with all its plans & resolutions for the new year. But 2017 was a very big year for us and it's worth reflecting on the smashing collections from our designers keeping us looking pretty, the launch of our new website, all the pop-ups we hosted and of course the lovely new staff that joined our team.  Our work environment of 10 women flourishes on the passion, personality and commitment of each member, and if all your positive feedback tells us anything it's that we have 10 shining stars on the team! What a wonderful year we had and we are so grateful to each of you for supporting our business and vision to create A wardrobe to reflect your ethics, your ideas and your beauty!

We cannot overstate how much we are looking forward to revealing all our big plans for 2018, eek are we ever excited!! Of course our biggest excitement revolves around planning for the arrival of our newest baby into the business (Regine is due in March, aka a Pisces baby :). Our commitment to creating a feminist workplace that ensures we get to be both committed entrepreneurs and radical moms means we are gonna find a groove specially designed to fit us! So stay tuned!

Wishing you all a dancing filled NYE ruckus and some time to make big goals in 2018,
Regine & Katie
January 02, 2018 — Katie Frappier