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Helping women in need in our community enjoy the holidays with gifts from us all!!

There is no better way for us to kick-off the Holiday season then with the launch of Pay-it-Forward 2018! It was such a huge success last year (you all helped us OVER-fill 200 tote bags!) that we are adding another 50 to this years drive and extending the drive for an extra three days!! We are so thrilled with how enthusiastically  you all participated, how incredible our fellow participating shop owners have been and of course how appreciated this drive was for the women and families at Cornerstone and Caldwell. SOOOO bumped to be doing it again!

We will be donating some fun jewelry and pins this year, cause doesn't everyone like something shiny! 

It may feel too early to be hearing festive music, it may feel annoying to be discussing Santa lists every night with little ones, and none of the good christmas specials have even started on TV.... but it is DEFINITELY the perfect time to put on your own Santa hat (literal or figurative) and be extra generous in giving to those in need. 

We love our hood and want to do our part for more women and families to feel spoiled this holiday season,
Regine and Katie

ps. For all of you donating to those in need in your own way this holiday, simply notify us after placing your weborder and we will include a gift from Victoire for you to add to your donations. 

November 27, 2018 — Ainslie Lahey