Birds of North America is a staple designer here at Victoire. Our customers are so loyal to the unique, vintage-inspired pieces of Hayley Gibson, always citing that she is one designer who truly knows how to tailor clothes perfectly to a real woman's body. And isn't that a beautiful thing?! We're so excited about her new collection, (now available on-line and in the shops!) that we thought we'd post about a few of our favourite pieces this season. 
The first time I saw the bold, multicoloured teardrop print on the Cormorant dress, I actually gasped. So fun, so special, so spectacular; you'll totally feel like Superwoman! Take on everything from the office to a date knowing you'll look amazing in any situation. Also available in green and navy, as well as black and white
Of course, what would a Birds collection be without an adorable set of separates?! The bold teardrop print returns on both the high-waisted Forktail skirt and the cropped Munia top. Wear them as a set to really make a statement or pair either piece with a neutral basic to truly make that print POP! Also available in red and blue
You might remember the Lovebird dress from last season. Well, it's back! This beautiful sleeveless collared style is making a return, this time in a unique fabric that features vintage sketches of airplanes. If you've been searching for a one-of-kind piece, this is definitely it! Available in blue and black
Another gorgeous piece in the new Birds collection is one you're sure to get a ton of mileage out of! The retro-inspired Ibis blouse features a secretarial tie-neck that would make Dolly Parton in 9 to 5 absolutely swoon. And make sure to keep checking the shop out again soon, the new stuff from Betina Lou, Act Three and Darling will be in shortly!