No doubt you have all already embraced the beauty and cheekiness of the crop top. Heck, Victoire has been selling many version for more than two years (maybe even three?!)
From the first retro-styled Anchor print, to the dark romance last fall, to this summer's 70s dream, to the many versions on display this season, I love all these iterations (I especially love that they nothing to do with a Britney Spears style “belly shirt.”) I find them very flattering on diverse bodies and love that they offer a great compromise in the ever-waging separates vs. dresses debate!
But none of these past styles came home with me. No particular reason why, perhaps I just wasn't ready yet. It's amazing how you can try on a style and feel like it's not right for you. Then, one day, POOF: you're there! Your brain gets it and all of a sudden, it feels like a new you. And with all the natural ease of something you've always loved! That's how I felt in the Chat top and Amazon skirt.
SO, I own a crop top now! Two, actually, if you count this top, but I don't know if you would... what are the rules of the Crop Club?!
Truth be told: there are none! Isn't getting dressed fun?