Like a morning tea or coffee, placing each Heart Deco ring on our fingers has become a daily ritual amongst us Victoire girls. These beautiful vintage rings have captivated and dazzled many people over the years, and have made for a wonderful reminder that vintage jewellery has both a history and a story to share with us. As of January 10th, Heart Deco will no longer be available at our Wellington West location. This has inspired a very rare 10% off all in-store Heart Deco purchases! 

Heart Deco aims to provide beautiful, one-of-a-kind antique and vintage rings at an affordable price.  Much of the collection would be perfect for wedding and/or engagement rings, but we're also a big believer that - diamonds or not - these beauties work great for anyone, anywhere, anytime. Married, single, engaged, whatever! 

January 05, 2017 — Mariah Carey