Looking back on your life there are certain events that stand out as formative experiences that lead you to becoming your current self. An enormous life altering event in the life of Regine and I was our years of organizing LadyFest Ottawa. There was definitely a "pre" and "post" Ladyfest impact on our thinking, abilities, confidence and drive. Never had we previously believed that our math skills, fashion whims, feminist politics and community betterment ideals could be combined. Truly never before had we been surrounded by others we so wholeheartedly admired, and to see their approval towards our future dreams made it all feel possible. In 2006, at 23 years old, without a doubt nothing prepared us better to take the leap into opening our own business then the people and skills we encountered through Ladyfest. 

Victoire Boutique Ladyfest Ottawa

Why the long tangent into our personal gratitude towards Ottawa's DIY scene? Well we aren't the only offshoots of the Ladyfest era: Girls+ Rock Ottawa (formerly known as Ottawa Rock Camp for Girls) is a major force in the city with similar roots - the very first edition was part of a LadyFest week-end!  Girls+ Rock Ottawa is a grassroots volunteer-run organization that uses musical programming to foster empowerment, acceptance and community - all while having fun! 3-days of 'camp' to set the participants on hopefully a new life course... For us, it was that major!

We are so proud and excited to be partnering with Girls+ Rock Ottawa because we have felt the positive change of being in a stimulating environment of women where your presence/ideas/energy are valued and necessary. For Black Friday we are donating $5 of every item sold over $20 to Girls+ Rock Ottawa. Help us raise money for this amazing organization so that they can welcome more campers and make a bigger change in Ottawa. We will also be selling their merchandise, with all proceeds going right back to Girls Rock Ottawa, you can check it all out here!

Ladyfest Ottawa Victoire Boutique

We can't wait to see the longterm effect of Girls+ Rock Ottawa, perhaps it will produce the next Victoire, or whatever dreams they may have! One thing's for sure, it's sowing the seeds of future awesome things for this city.

-Regine & Katie

ps. The shit quality of these pictures makes it seem like this all took place in ancient times and not 2002-2006. Pre-Iphone camera life was hazy!

November 22, 2017 — Katie Frappier