It happens to the best of us, we see something in a store, try it, fall in love with it, and then walk away to think about it. When we come back a week later, our size is gone! 

Being a small boutique, we tend to order one of each size for both stores at the beginning of the season, so we have seen this happen time and time again! But luckily we have a great relationship with our designers and can usually reorder the pieces that are hits of the season!

Whether you were feelin' a certain dress on the weekend but waiting til payday, or you needed to purge a couple of pieces from your closet before you invested in those new jeans, we can always make sure that you end up with what you want!

Just send us an email at, or DM us on Instagram, or even give us a call and we can always look into getting your size restocked.

Just a heads up that we will be getting a restock of the Eve Gravel Soft Machine Coat in both colours, the Eve Gravel YMO Dress, Betina Lou Viviane Turtleneck, Amanda Moss Peggy Pants, and Valerie Dumaine Nevis Sweaters!

 If you want to be first in line when we get your size back in stock in something, send us an email at and we will make sure you're the first to know!

We do our best to answer every customer request we can so you can keep on looking your best!



October 16, 2017 — Ainslie Lahey