Victoire is so excited to announce our first Support Local event: we are having an art show with some serious talent and special friends!!  Inspired by a serious love for pizza, Bruce Springsteen, and fuzzy woodland creatures, Craftwork is a collection of hand-knitted, embroidered, and cross-stitched art pieces made by Ottawa locals Julie Gibbons and Natalie Eedson.
Julie has translated her love of pizza and rock-n-roll into a series of Bruce Springsteen themed patches, pizza buntings, and lyrical cross-stitch circles.
Natalie has spent the last decade knitting and stitching together unique and adorable mittens and felt patches. This show will feature cross-stitched animal portraits, along with fast-food and fuzzy animal patches, and a some precious woolly mittens to get you through this winter.

Regine and I have a long-held fantasy of owning a pizza place (more like a pizza palace!). But since we can't cook we asked our good friends Marc and Lori from TOWN to make a dream pizza for us. We are so excited!! To complete the pizza themed dream we also asked the DJs from Rock'n'Roll Pizza party to play some tunes and Beau's is bring beer. Here is the event listing

Your Saturday night is planned. See you at 7pm Dalhousie shop
October 28, 2013 — Victoire (