Our biggest Vintage sale is just 5 days away. It starts on Friday at 4pm and goes all the way until Sunday at 5pm. Three days of madness at the Dalhousie shop.
It's so wonderful that we get to have this sale, it's very special to us. We are so grateful that you all love it and support it so we can keep having it as this wonderful event once a season. Selling vintage is so different then selling our Canadian designers. It takes so much work to find each and every dress that by the time the sale comes we have bonded with the garment. It's so exciting to see you look threw the racks and find that special piece, even more more exciting when it fits! Every time it feels like a little fashion miracle.
But when it doesn't and we hear people say they are gonna buy it anyways to hang on the wall as art, or save it for their sisters birthday, I know that we have found our tribe. The most beautiful tribe ever!
Pictures by Magida El-Kassis
Models Katie and Vanessa
Flowers by Sparrow Floral Design
Shot at Billings Estate
October 21, 2013 — Victoire (noreply@blogger.com)