Now we have never been proponents of dressing for other people. We tend to think that y'all look your very best when you're dressing for yourself and what makes you feel super fly.

It's also often said around here that girls really dress for a "hey awesome outfit!" from their girl-friends rather than accolades from guys. (Our girlfriends have better taste, "get us" and can appreciate some dabbling in Man Repeller territory.) However, this week-end while working, a customer came in to tell us what kind of a reaction she elicited wearing the Valerie Dumaine Bernadette dress from many men in her entourage. In so many words, this dress was an A+ hit.

Valerie Dumaine Bernadette dress, 199$. Available at both locations.
It's really hard to say what men like best in a woman's wardrobe - but something about this combination of plaid with leather (maybe the juxtaposition of a classic "good girl" print such as plaid with the tough leather triggers something deep in the male psyche - who knows) - but all that to say, the next time someone comes in looking for a hit-it-out-of-the-park date outfit, I know what I'm going to suggest.
October 07, 2013 — Victoire (