Thanks Amanda for creating this collage of the night!
Hi! MC here to share a few snaps with you of the fun times we had at Nuit Blanche. It took me a few days but I think I've finally gotten over the whole not-sleep-for-the-night thing. I was practically a zombie until Thursday!

But first off, major thanks are in order. Here goes:

1. Major thanks to Kelly Bennett (Ottawa Leader of Fat Girl Food Squad!), who unbeknownst to her ended up being our unofficial photographer. Girl, you were a very thorough documenter of this event, thank you! You can see the shots down below. 

2. Major thanks to Curtis and Carrie at Fabrications for lending us sewing machines. 

You can use these babies in the shop if you want to finish a project, or even learn how to sew on them!

3. Major thanks to Kate from for really getting the idea behind the project and dropping by to spread some joy! If you haven't checked out their site yet: please finish reading this and then hop over, it's full of fun stuff to do in the city and written in such an inspiring, positive way. (Picture ripped from Kate's Instagram. What, I was too busy to take pictures!)

4. Major thanks to Kristina for picking up these glasses, which allowed our creators to keep up the good work even when their alertness (and sanity) were starting to fade.

5. And finally, MAJOR thanks to these gals who made it all come true! You worked all night while having fun, you opened the minds of some, blew the minds of others, and you made this world a better place. I'm not even joking.




This whole experience was such a blast, and I hope those of you who were able to make it down enjoyed it as well... Let us know what you thought, or share some pics of your own: tag @victoire_loves_ya !

September 26, 2013 — Victoire (