Eve Gravel, My Way dress, $230. Steel Magnolias necklace, $35.
 Late last week we received a second shipment from Eve Gravel and man is it ever gorgeous. We were already floored by the insane patterned dresses we got from her and the follow up to that does not disappoint! I think my faves have to be these two. They happen to be the most laid back pieces so far.

Real Smart, $230.
 This classic collared shift dress with gold polka dots is nothing short of cute. You can totally play pair it with a  statement necklace to add a little somethin' somethin' in spite of it already being pretty special in itself.

All the new Eve Gravel pieces are currently available at our Westboro shop. Swing by and check out the amazing range within this amazing designer's fall collection!
September 16, 2013 — Shaya Ishaq (noreply@blogger.com)