At last year's Nuit Blanche, Danica Olders and Barb Ochman took over the store and blew us all away with their installation and exhibition - you can trot down memory lane here and here

For this year, we turned the store over to our pal MC. She came to us with an idea that we just couldn't refuse. Ladies and gentlemen, we give you:

Here's what MC has to say about the project (She's a bit long-winded, but it makes sense! Read on!):
A friendonce offered to make curtains for my apartment. After discussing styles and fabric, she set about taking countless measurements – for length and height but also for seam allowances, cuffs and creases. She measured once, twice, pinned things, tested against the window, measured again and adjusted the pins. Folded things inside out, twisted and tucked the fabric. Then she ironed. Once she actually fired up the darn sewing machine an hour later, I was completely bewildered by the myriad of considerations and subsequent decisions she had made in order to create super simple curtains. How long would it take to make a blouse, a bag, a bathing suit, I wondered? How come I wear clothes every day and have never seen it come together?
And then the tragedy of Rana Plaza in Bangladesh happened, the latest in a string of such disasters. We were reminded of the human beings who make the clothes we wear - and sometimes dispose of so easily. I also thought of my curtain-making friend, and all the work I saw her do for one measly curtain. And so instead of being angry and pointing fingers at The Industry, I decided I wanted to showcase the makers, recognize their labour and celebrate their skills.

So MC invited designers and makers in the Victoire family to come work in the store. Behind the window. Like little fishies in a bowl. All. Night. And the crazy thing is a bunch of them said yes!

Over the next few days we'll be giving you more details and introducing you to these daring and creative people. Stay tuned!
September 12, 2013 — Victoire (