There isn't much to say.. other than Valerie Dumaine is an All-Star. Knocking it outta the park again this season. Count me as her # 1 Fan. These are just a couple from the new stock at both locations. Oh please, you really need to come see!
Pretty In Pink! Rita Crop, available at dalhousie only - $129

Arliss Top, Leather (available in plain polyester at Wellingtont) - $139
Greenland Dress, available at both locations - $250
Available in crop version for $160 at both locations.
 This dress is a Valerie Dumaine 10 Year Anniversary Exclusive!! Valerie Collaborated with Slowfactory (NASA captured on Silk) to create this one of a kind piece. As put on the Slowfactory site: ".. The “Greenland” dress brings together the vision and designs of Valérie Dumaine with the innovative concepts and open-culture philosophy of Creative Commons advocate Celine Semaan, founder of Slowfactory.  These two limited edition items feature stunning  Nasa Terra Satellite Terra Satellite (MODIS instrument) images of the world’s largest island showing the Arctic ice melting considerably as an effect of Global Warming."

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