WOW. whoa. Holy Moly. OMG. We had the most wonderful time of our lives on Saturday evening! Thank-you to everyone who came out to celebrate Victoire's Seven Year Birthday. It was a serious BLAST. Our good pal Andrew Szeto took some candid pictures which we will definitely share with you. But for today, here is one sneak peak picture of the Victoire crew (almost the whole crew) AND all our favorite parts of the night. Enjoy!

 Victoire staff quotes (favorite partz):
"Seeing the joy on people's faces when we arrived with the platters of McDonald's cheeseburgers and fries for the midnight snack attack" - Regine

"Watching Shaya and Emily dance in perfect harmony! It was magical and definitely made a new obsession with doing a Victoire music video" - Katie

"Cakes! Glitter! Tchotcke cabinet! Girls in Victoire Clothes!" - Kristina

"My favorite part was how everyone was unabashedly happy! You couldn't help but smile and feel the love! I think the glitter helped a bit!"- Courtney-Anne

"I think my absolute fave moment was the very end when Ula and Emmanuel played Crazy In Love one last time when it was just shop girls and close friends. It felt like the perfect way to end the party!" - Shaya

"Seeing every girls pre-teen dreams in real life decorations! It was a girly-girl-world and boys still loved it! And pulling all the muscles in my body recreating a Robyn dance for CA"  - Emily Rose

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