We've all been there..Secret Santa at the office or wherever you work. It can be one of the most stressful gifts to buy because when the only time you see your coworker is at work so you don't really know what they're like when they're not at work. It's hard to figure out what to buy someone that you don't know that well, but that's why we've created this gift guide! We've selected a few items that fit the Secret Santa budget and are sure to be a hit with anyone! 
One of our favourite items of the Rifle Paper collection is this little wall calendar that is perfect for hanging in your kitchen or office. It features beautiful illustrations themed around the coffees and teas of the world. Find it online here or in store at all three shops for $24.00.
So many pretty colours, this calendar will brighten anyone's day!
We've also got some great stationary! The first notebook is by Oakland based People I've Loved who make the cutest cards and now this perfect notebook for jotting down only good things. No negativity here people! You can also choose from this sweet floral pocket notepad and the Great Things notepad which makes writing grocery and to-do lists a little bit nicer :)

You can find the Only Good Things Notebook online here or at all three shops. Both Rifle notepads can be found here, and here.  They are also available in store at all three shops!

Is your coworker the best accessorizer at the office? Does she love sparkly things? (I mean..who doesn't!) We've got the cutest studs from Lover's Tempo. There are so many to choose from and they fall between $20-$32! Made with real Swarovski crystals and pearls, these little guys pack a lot of glitz! They're perfect for the holidays so you'll definitely see your coworker rocking them at the office Christmas party!

Clockwise from top left: Sunrise Post EarringsGold Leaf StudsAura Studs, Pearlescent Droplet Earrings. Available in store at all three shops and online!
Another sweet idea is the In Dreams Constellation Dish. They feature the astrological constellation for each sign so you may have to do some sleuthing to find out what their birthday is (hello Facebook) or go back in your memory to pin point what month they brought birthday cupcakes to the office. At $20.00 it's a great gift and they can store they're rings and jewelry.
In Dreams Constellation Dish. Available at all three shops and online!
December 03, 2015 — Ainslie Lahey