Although the hot summer days and nights prevail it is impossible not to think of fall, which is just around the corner. You are probably asking yourself what could be the good news about this fact? Well, for one, the beautiful fresh and crisp air. More importantly though, are the clothes that come with this change of season!

Betina Lou Camel Laura Skirt 

This fall season at Victoire is full of classic cuts that have a way of making you feel good about yourself before you even see it on in the mirror. One of the very special lines we carry that makes you feel this way is called Birds of North America (made with love in Canada). Designer Hayley Gibson takes us on an adventure with each dress this season, whether you are a woodsy nymph, a galaxy gal, prefer sixties glam, or appreciate plain jane, there is something for every woman. This line screams hot date with yourself! And by this we mean feeling incredible in what you wear. There are also many other special lines we carry and adore just as much, which have also proven this season will be one about great cuts, with simple details, and stand out prints.


Birds of North America Visorbearer Dress Universe Print
Birds of North America Hornero Top
We hope you feel ready for a little wardrobe change. Take yourself on a hot date to visit us so we can show you exactly what we mean!
August 17, 2015 — Ashley O'Neil