This year was big for us. Victoire turned 12 years old, we welcomed baby Maxime into the world and celebrated Ainslie's 5 year anniversary with us! When we opened in 2006, we had no idea how many people our business would come to involve and the longevity that could be possible for a tiny shop with a tiny budget and two people's drive to make something unique. The level of support and excitement we feel from our customers, employees, designers and fellow small-business community is awe inspiring.  We are forever grateful for each of you: Thank you for trusting our sartorial vision!

We take pride that so many have been as excited as we are to merge aesthetics and ethics! We look forward to 2019 being a year that we take bolder steps in our aesthetic vision, our ideas of alternative retail values and of course continuing to be a friendly space where you can feel free to experiment with your wardrobe.

Thank you for the year that was, our passionate community is everything to us! 
January 04, 2019 — Ainslie Lahey